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STEM Classroom Grants

We support classroom projects and teacher professional development initiatives focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

We’re offering grants of up to $1,000 per teacher. Total grants will be a $25,000 per year maximum award.

Applications for the 2016-2017 school year will be accepted until March 31, 2016.

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What We're Looking For

Any creative classroom project in science, technology, engineering and mathematics will be considered. Projects that incorporate the following components are of the greatest interest:

  • Designed to improve, advance and enrich student learning
  • Flexible and appropriate for targeted stage of student development
  • Ranges from formative ideas that explore learning concepts to fully tested models that are ready to be adopted and disseminated
  • Includes study of electricity and electricity production, natural gas exploration, renewables and clean energy
  • Networking, mentoring, interdisciplinary or team teaching, and teacher training/professional development
What Are the Guidelines
  • Must clearly explain how the items requested for funding are vital to the project’s successful completion
  • Must include additional support from other funding sources for larger projects on application form
  • Project must be one-time, one-year implementation and evaluation
  • Grants may be used to compensate experts who come to work with students, but not pay teachers or staff
  • Resources requested should be integral components of a well-planned classroom project/lesson plan and important to its success
  • The grant is for resources needed for individual classroom projects — if more than one classroom is undertaking the same or a very similar project, only one grant per school will be awarded
What Doesn’t Qualify
  • School laboratory supplies or equipment for general school use
  • Media equipment (computers, digital cameras, projectors, white boards, DVD players, etc.) and furniture (display and bookcases, carts, etc.)
  • Continuation of projects previously funded
  • Routine responsibilities of the educator submitting the proposal
  • Projects that require multiple academic years for completion
  • Admission fees for conferences, workshops and competitions
  • Transportation, incentives, meals and refreshments
How Grants Are Decided

Grants are awarded after careful review by the PCL&P Education Advisory Council. Once the project has been completed, recipients must provide a written summary with samples of class work. Photographs are suggested, but not required.

How to Apply
  • Complete the STEM Classroom Grant application
  • Sign it
  • Have your principal sign it
  • Attach supporting documents
  • Attach a copy of your school/organization’s IRS W-9 form
  • email to fegerl@oru.com or mail to:

    Pike County Light & Power Co.
    One Blue Hill Plaza — 4th floor
    Pearl River, NY 10965
    Attn: L. Feger

Have questions? Please contact Linda Feger — Manager, Corporate Programs at 845-577-2545.