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Electric Delivery & Supply

Electric Delivery

No matter where the electricity comes from, we remain the delivery company that gets the electricity to your home or business, maintains the distribution and transmission system, and restores power after service interruptions.

Our electric delivery system serves over 303,860 customers with approximately 170,000 overhead services, 15,000 miles of overhead conductor attached to nearly 180,000 poles and almost 1,000 towers.

We also maintain an underground delivery system that consists of over 1,800 miles of conductor and almost 44,000 services.

Electric Supply

We purchase all of the power for our New York and Pennsylvania customers from the power market administered by the New York State Independent System Operator (NYISO). For most of our New Jersey customers, we buy power from the regional power market operated by the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection (PJM).

The prices we pay to purchase those supplies vary monthly and are passed on to you without a markup. For our New York customers who don’thave an alternate energy supplier, those prices are listed on the bill as Market Supply Charge. For our New Jersey and Pennsylvania customers who don’t have an alternate energy supplier, those prices are listed on the bill as the Basic Generation Service Charge.