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Energy Choice

Energy choice allows you to choose your own electricity or natural gas supplier. Whether you switch or stay with PCLP, you’ll receive the same high quality service from us. No matter what.

My Energy Dollar

Whether you buy your energy supply from an alternate supplier or from PCLP, supply and delivery charges are itemized separately. But, you still get just one bill that lists all the various charges.

There are three main cost components of your gas and electric bills — Supply, Delivery and Taxes.



When we buy the energy you consume, we do so in the competitive, wholesale supply market. Our costs for the energy we buy are passed to you, and we make no profit on those supply charges — even though market prices often fluctuate due to the forces of supply and demand. You pay what we pay for the commodity.

Cost-savings achieved by purchasing your electricity supply from alternate suppliers in our energy choice programs apply only to this competitive, unregulated supply portion of your electric bill.



Delivery rates are established by state regulatory agencies and aren’t subject to market forces. This revenue allows us to maintain and upgrade our electric and gas transmission and distribution systems as well as the supporting infrastructure necessary for safe and reliable service.



Local, state and federal taxes apply to both the supply and delivery portions of your energy bill. Depending on the state and municipality, taxes comprise as much as 15% of your total energy dollar.

Alternate Energy Suppliers

In Pennsylvania

Alternate suppliers are available to provide electric supply service to residential, commercial and industrial customers in our Pike County Light & Power Co. area. There are no alternate suppliers available for gas supply service in our Pennsylvania service territory.