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Energy Choice - Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, you have the following options for your energy supply:

  • You can stay with or switch to PCL&P’s default service and receive a market-based rate for electric supply.
  • Alternatively, you can choose your electricity supply service from alternate suppliers. Please see our list of participating electric generation suppliers.
  • For residential and small business customers, PowerSwitch allows you to choose a supplier yourself from a list of participating companies, or lets you authorize PCL&P to select one for you from a rotating list of qualified suppliers. Either way, you’ll get a one-time 7% savings off the cost of the energy supply portion of your bill for two billing periods.

To help you in your selection of an electric supplier, PCL&P has prepared its Energy Shopper’s Guide.

PCL&P maintains a list of its customers, which is made available to licensed suppliers in PCL&P’s territory. If you do not want to be included on this list, please login to My Account then choose Eligible Customer List and complete the form, or call Customer Assistance at 1-877-434-4100. If you don’t take action to opt-out, you’ll be included on the Eligible Customer List. For more information on this Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission-mandated requirement, click here.

My Electric Supply

As an electric customer of PLC&P, you have a choice of suppliers for your electric supply service. Your options are:

OPTION 1: Stay with or select PCL&P's default service and receive a quarterly market-based rate for electric supply.
We provide default service if you don’t obtain your energy supply from an Electric Generation Supplier. We purchase electric supply in the wholesale spot market and pass the rates down to you at no cost. Default service rates are determined quarterly and are comprised of the following:

  • Market Price of Electric Supply (PCL&P’s forecast of the wholesale supply costs and expected procurement costs for the quarter);
  • Electric Supply Adjustment Charge (a quarterly reconciliation of the monthly over- or under-collections that compares the actual default service costs with default service revenues); and
  • An adjustment for recovery of the Pennsylvania Gross Receipts Tax.

For PCL&P’s historical monthly and quarterly market-based electric supply prices, please view PCL&P’s Price to Compare Chart, or view it in our tariffs.

OPTION 2: Stay with your current Electric Generation Supplier or shop for another.
The names of Electric Generation Suppliers doing business in PCL&P’s service territory are available on the PAPUC’s PowerSwitch Web site and on our List of Energy Suppliers. Or you can contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-877-434-4100 for this information.

Where you can get more information

Visit The Office of Consumer Advocate in Pennsylvania’s Web site to compare the current monthly price of different service offerings.. The price information on the Web site is updated monthly.

In addition, you can download a copy of PCL&P’s Energy Shopper’s Guide. This Guide doesn’t provide you with current price information, but it does provide information on how to shop for energy supply. To obtain a copy by mail, call our Customer Assistance line at 1-877-434-4100.

Other important facts

If you choose an Electric Generation Supplier, everything else with regard to your PCL&P service will remain the same.

  • We’ll still deliver the electricity to your home or business through our existing wires.
  • We’ll continue to read the meter, provide customer assistance and respond to emergencies in case of a power outage.
  • We’ll send you one bill each month, with a separate page showing your electric supply costs. For your convenience, you’ll make only one monthly payment to us and we’ll pay your Electric Generation Supplier directly.
  • We’ll work to maintain the safety and reliability of our energy delivery system.

PCL&P’s Eligible Customer List

If you’re a PCL&P customer, your name is included on a customer list that we maintain as part of the Pennsylvania Electric Choice Program. This list is made available to licensed suppliers who may contact you with electric generation offers. It ensures that you hear about offers that could save you money on your electric bill.

If you don’t want to be on the customer list provided to eligible suppliers, you’ll need to complete the Eligible Customer List form, located in My Account, or call us at 1-877-434-4100.

Pursuant to requirements of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, if you do nothing, your name, address, account number, and electricity usage history will be included on the customer list that’s made available to licensed electric generation suppliers.

Regardless of what you choose, we won’t release your telephone number to electric generation suppliers.

List of Energy Suppliers

The following electric generation suppliers are participating in Pike County Light and Power Co.’s service territory. Each of these suppliers has met the eligibility requirements for Pennsylvania. Please feel free to contact the supplier for information on pricing options.

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Energy SupplierContact InformationCustomer Group
ConEdison Solutions
701 Westchester Avenue
Suite 300 East
White Plains, NY 10604
866-842-8166 (residential & small commercial)

800-316-8011 (commercial)
Adam Fairbanks

Direct Energy Services LLC866-348-4194

Pennsylvania Gas & Electric 866-706-7361

= Residential/Religious = Small Commercial = Large Commercial and Industrial = Power Switch energy supplier

Power Switch

With PowerSwitch, you’ll get a one-time offer of 7% off the electric supply portion of your PCL&P bill for two billing periods (“Introductory Period”). Plus, you get to choose the energy supplier that best meets your needs from a list of participating companies.

Price to Compare

PCL&P’s Price to Compare is the monthly variable Market Electric Supply Charge with estimated taxes included. These prices may provide a more accurate comparison with prices charged by independent energy suppliers.