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Solar & Customer Generation

What is Distributed Generation?

Solar generation, also known as distributed generation is the technology used to generate electricity on a small scale from energy sources like solar, and is connected directly to the electric power grid.

Why Distributed Generation?

Distributed generation systems allow you to produce some or all of the electricity you need. Some of the advantages of distributed generation are that it increases reliability of the electric grid, can be configured to match customer demand, diversifies the range of energy sources used, and reduces the necessity to upgrade or build new infrastructure.

Watch this video to get a better understanding of net metering and solar energy.

Installing a Distributed Generation System

If you’re looking to install solar or any other distributed generation system, please refer to the state page where the installation will take place:

System Data for DER Providers

You can receive the following New York system data:

  • Five years of forecasted 24 hour system peak day load curves
  • One year of historic 8760 load data by substation load area
  • 2016 forecasted 24 hour peak load curves by substation load area
  • 2015 actual 24 hour minimum load curves by substation load area

To receive any portion of the above data, send your request via email to NYREV@oru.com.

This information is made available in accordance with O&R’s initial Distributed System Implementation Plan, which was filed on June 30, 2016 with the NY Public Service Commission – Proceeding on the Motion of the Commission in Regard to Reforming the Energy Vision (Case 14-M-0101)

PCL&P Distributed Generation Interconnection Circuit Map

This map displays general areas/circuits where the cost to interconnect more than 1MW will be higher due to low minimal daytime load, aggregated Distributed Generation already interconnected, smaller conductors (wire size), operating voltage, and/or the number of applications in the queue on the feeder exceeding daytime load.

This map does not display hosting capacity.

Click here to view the map.

NY Opportunity Zones for Community Distributed Generation

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the installation of distributed generation systems, contact Technology Engineering – DG.

Our Policy

PCL&P’s main role is to ensure that installations of distributed generation systems are properly designed to safely operate in parallel to the PCL&P system, and to provide for net metering if applicable.

PCL&P does not sell, install or design distributed generation systems, nor do we recommend certified installers. For current PCL&P incentives and rebate programs for your solar electric project, see our Solar-Electric Systems page.