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Storm Restoration

Our Storm Recovery Plan — Restoration

All recovery activities are coordinated through our storm center where:

  • Field reports are received and assessed for severity of damage.
  • Repair crews are dispatched, including those not normally assigned to the storm-damaged area.
  • Local officials are notified of any special problems in their communities.
  • Our liaison employees are deployed to county Emergency Management offices and other key locations to help coordinate public safety measures.
  • Contractors and crews from neighboring utilities are given safety briefings and assigned repairs in heavily damaged communities.
  • Our Community Response Team members are sent to municipal offices in severely affected communities to provide direct assistance to government officials and customers.
  • The news media are kept updated on damage reports, restoration progress and safety advisories.
  • Following every major storm event, a detailed “lessons-learned” meeting is conducted and, as necessary, Storm Plan procedures are further improved.

Storm Recovery Updates

We offer you various ways to get information about storms, outages, and our response.

O&R Outage Map

The Outage Map gives an overall geographical view of which communities are affected, how many customers are affected, and information about each outage, including the estimated restoration time for the customers that are part of that outage.

O&R Web Site Storm Advisories

During major storm events, updates known as “Advisories” are provided on the home page of our Web site.

These updates contain general information about the severity of the storm, its effects on our system, the company’s response, and a recap of numbers provided in the Outage Map.

Advisories are activated and updated at various intervals depending on the severity of the storm damage on our system.

O&R Mobile Web

You can report an outage, check on the status of an outage and view our outage map at oru.com on a web-enabled device.

O&R Mobile app

Download our mobile app from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Social Media

During major storms we’re on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube at ORUConnect, 24/7. We’ll provide updates on the storm, such as outage and restoration information, and post other information relevant to the event. We welcome you to post comments as well.


You may check on the status of your specific outage and receive an estimated restoration time by calling our toll free automated Customer Assistance phone line 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Simply follow the voice prompts at 1-877-434-4100.

News Media

Online news sites, radio stations, TV news broadcasts and newspapers will frequently report news about service interruptions due to storms. Here are some of the media outlets that provide up-to-date news coverage for our service area:

Scroll right on mobile to see more information.

Radio Stations 
WCBS 880 AMOrange, Rockland, Bergen, Passaic, Sussex
WINS 1010 AMOrange, Rockland, Bergen, Passaic, Sussex
WHUD 100.7 FMOrange, Rockland
WTSX 96.7 FMOrange, Pike
WDLC 1490 AM
107.7 FM
Orange, Pike
WTBQ 1110 AMOrange, Passaic, Sussex
WRCR 1300 AMRockland
WGHT 1500 AMBergen, Passaic
WDNB 102.1 FMSullivan, Northern Orange
Radio 1640 AMRockland
Cable TV  
News12Orange, Rockland
YNN - Time WarnerHudson Valley
Midhudsonnews.comOrange, Rockland, Sullivan
Daily Newspapers  
Journal NewsRockland
Times Herald-RecordOrange, Sullivan
The RecordBergen, Passaic

Restoration Priorities

Large-scale power restoration involves a step-by-step process. Our top priority is ensuring public safety by securing downed wires and addressing critical infrastructure such as hospitals, emergency facilities and municipal services. We then work to restore power to the largest number of customers until all the lights are back on. Our system is built to safely flow energy from the power plant to your home or business. When power needs to be restored, we follow the steps below:

  • Transmission towers and lines
    Thousands of people are served by these lines which are usually miles away from your neighborhood. These lines must be restored first for electricity to flow to other parts of the system.
  • Substations
    Our substations reduce the voltage from the transmission lines to levels appropriate for distribution lines which run along local streets in your community. Substations must be repaired before work can begin on the distribution lines in your neighborhood.
  • Circuit lockout
    Damage anywhere along a distribution circuit can prevent the flow of electricity throughout the entire circuit feeding many communities. Repairing a lockout restores service to large numbers of customers, and allows us to then work on damages to distribution lines fed by the circuit.
  • Overhead distribution lines
    All homes in the neighborhood may not be fed by the same overhead line. That’s why some houses in the same neighborhood may have power while others do not.
  • Underground distribution lines
    Underground lines are fed by overhead lines. A tree falling onto an overhead line can affect a neighborhood with underground service.
  • Transformers
    Transformers further reduce voltage to levels suitable for homes and buildings. If a transformer is damaged, the number of homes served by that transformer will be out of power. Once distribution repairs are made, we fix damaged transformers.
  • Individual service wire
    Damage can occur on the service line between your house and the pole on the street. If your service wire is damaged, you may not have power even though the rest of your neighborhood does.

If You Lose Power

Check to see if a neighbor has also lost power. If so, report the outage using one of the following methods:

  • O&R Web Site: From any computer or mobile device that has Internet access, go to www.oru.com to submit an online Outage Report Form.
  • O&R Mobile app: Download our mobile app from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.
  • Text Messaging: Text “OUT” to 69678 (myORU) and follow the prompts.
  • 1-877-434-4100: Follow the voice prompts.

Don’t assume your neighbors have called in the outage. The more notifications we receive regarding an outage, the better we can assess the situation and plan our restoration efforts.

Damage to Electric or Natural Gas Equipment

A catastrophic event has damaged the equipment that serves electric or natural gas to your home. Learn what steps you’ll need to take in order for us to restore your service.

Getting Your Electric Service Restored

  • If the building is damaged, arrange for it to be inspected by the local Building Inspector or Code Enforcement Official.
  • Contact a licensed electrician to determine whether the building’s electrical system has been damaged.
  • If you own the damaged equipment, have a licensed electrician make the repairs (See What’s Ours? What’s Yours?).
  • After repairs are completed, contact a licensed electrical inspector authorized by your municipality to inspect the building’s electric service.
  • Once the electric system passes inspection, the inspector or electrician will provide written notification, or cut-in card, to us. Upon receipt of the cut-in card, we’ll restore your electric service as soon as possible.

What’s Ours? What’s Yours?

The following diagrams illustrate whether the customer or PCL&P is responsible for repair of damaged equipment.

Underground Pad Mounted

Getting Your Natural Gas Service Restored

Flooding often damages both gas appliances and electric service. And safety regulations require us to isolate affected appliances. But if we can’t enter your property, we must disconnect your natural gas service from the outside. If this is the case, follow the steps below to get your gas service restored.

  • Contact a qualified plumber to determine whether the building’s natural gas appliances have been damaged.
  • If the appliance control valve or other electrical control components on an appliance were submerged, they must be replaced. We’ll isolate and place a red tag on the affected appliances until they’re repaired.
  • If gas was shut off at the meter and necessary repairs have been made, please call us at 1-877-434-4100 to have us unlock your natural gas service at no charge.

What’s Ours? What’s Yours?

The following diagrams illustrate whether the customer or PCL&P is responsible for repair of damaged equipment.