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Other Services

Need outdoor security lighting? Need temporary service for construction? Are you planning on demolishing an existing structure that has electric and or natural gas services?
Construction Temporary Service

We’ll provide a temporary service for construction at a cost of $622 per overhead installation and $681 per underground installation under the following guidelines:

  1. Requestor must complete an application form for each temporary service requested. Forms may be obtained by contacting one of our New Business Services offices.
  2. Each application must include a check, made payable to Pike County Light & Power, in the appropriate amount to cover installation and removal of temporary PCLP services.
  3. Each installation must be inspected and approved, usually by a Fire Underwriter’s inspector appointed by the municipality.
  4. The Fire Underwriter’s Electrical Approval Certificate must be delivered to the appropriate PCLP New Business Services office. A work order to energize the service will be issued only after we complete our own inspection of the installation.
Private Area Lighting

We offer a variety of private area floodlighting designed to provide added safety and security by illuminating parking lots, walkways, and just about any area within distance of our existing utility poles.

These lights are completely automatic, coming on at dusk and turning themselves off at dawn. We furnish the fixture, install it on existing poles, and maintain and operate the lights — all for a flat monthly fee.

If you’re interested in private area lighting, contact your local municipality first to check on current regulations. Some municipalities have lighting ordinances that provide specific guidelines and limits for the installation of area lighting.

To learn more about our private area lighting program, contact the PCLP New Business Services office nearest you.

Building Demolition

If you’re planning the demolition of an existing structure, it’s likely that the building you’ll be removing has electric, and possibly natural gas, service connections.

Before starting your work, please contact us to make sure all utilities that may pose a danger to workers have been removed.

The process is simple. Contact Customer Assistance and we’ll generally complete the removal of these services within 10 working days of notification.

You must also call 811 to request the mark out of all underground utilities in the vicinity, and to schedule the required pre-demolition conference with all member operators who have underground facilities at or near the demolition area. Demolition cannot proceed until confirmation is received from us that both the electric and/or gas service lines have been cut. (Removal of the gas meter by O&R doesn’t mean that the service line has been cut and capped.)

Some municipalities may require you to provide a letter from us stating that all gas and electric facilities have been removed. To obtain a letter, please contact the New Business Services office nearest you.

Utility Pole Attachments

If your project involves the use of utility poles, whether it’s to construct a new communications line between buildings, install security cameras, or run new fiber optic facilities for a customer, PCLP’s Joint Use Facilities department will help ensure smooth and timely installations.

We process and administer agreements that involve the joint use of utility poles and trenches between PCLP, telephone, CATV and private companies within our service territory.

“Joint Use” refers to the placing and maintaining of attachments in a one-foot maximum space upon one or more poles. The Licensee is a renter and must abide by the pole owner’s policies and procedures. Once authorization has been granted, you must adhere to NESC and PCLP specifications.

To review all phases involved in a pole installation, refer to the Pole Attachment Process and make-ready charges.

To get started on your pole attachment project, please follow the steps listed below.

  1. Contact us first to initiate the application process.
  2. Complete two License Agreements for the appropriate state:
    • Pennsylvania
      (required information is highlighted in yellow. Informational items are highlighted in green.)
  3. Complete the License Survey Application for additional attachments covered under an existing License Agreement
  4. Provide accurate information and other issues critical to your project needs.
  5. Submit required documents
  6. Include application fee and pre and post survey fees.

Call 811 Now or 911 Later

If you have a project that requires any break in the ground, call 811 two to ten days prior to digging. Member utilities will mark the locations of underground facilities at no charge.

Call 811 Now or 911 Later

If you have a project that requires any break in the ground, call 811 two to ten days prior to digging. Member utilities will mark the locations of underground facilities at no charge.