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Managing Your Project

Whether you’re constructing a new building, upgrading the size of an existing service or relocating its connection point, close coordination between you and O&R is essential for keeping your project on schedule.
Our New Business Services Project Managers will assist you with the application process, meet with you at the construction site, if necessary, and submit the required work orders.

To find out if our natural gas system serves the area in which your project is located, use the online form to provide us with the identification number on the nearest utility pole.

To Help Ensure Smooth and Timely Installations:

  • Visit the Project Center, which will guide you through the application process. We advise you to apply for service as early in your project as you can to ensure that your construction timelines are met.
  • Provide accurate information to help us correctly determine service connection locations, electrical transformer sizes, the need for line extensions, system upgrades and other issues critical to your projects energy needs.