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Budget Billing

Want to know ahead of time what your monthly bill payments will be? Sign up for Budget Billing.

Smooth out the seasonal ups and downs of high heating and large cooling bills with Budget Billing. It spreads your energy costs over 12 months, so you get level monthly payments.

How It Works

If you’ve been a customer for at least a year, we’ll use your previous 12-month usage history, plus anticipated energy costs and other factors, to estimate your energy usage for the year ahead.If you don’t have a 12-month usage history, we’ll use the 12-month billing information for the premise, if it’s available, or we’ll estimate your future consumption.

We’ll then divide the total by 12 to arrive at your monthly Budget Billing payment amount.

Periodic Reviews

To prevent large over or underpayments, we’ll periodically review your Budget Billing account. As a result, we could adjust your monthly payment up or down, or keep it the same, depending on the amount you’ve paid and the cost of your actual usage.

(PCLP accounts are reviewed on the 4th month)

Year-end settlement

On the 12th month, we’ll compare the cost of your actual usage to the total amount paid.

If you overpay:

  • We’ll credit the amount to your account until it’s used up. Or;
  • You may request a prompt refund, as long as you’ve made all 12 monthly payments.

If you underpay at least $50:

  • You can pay in six monthly installments. This is added to your regular monthly payment amount at the beginning of the new Budget Billing year. Or;
  • You can pay the entire amount at once.

Interest is not applied to any over- or underpayment.