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Payment Agreements

Enroll Online

You can enter into a standard payment agreement online by logging in to My Account. Click on “Payment Agreement” to see our offer and to enroll.

We’ll work with you to make bill payments more manageable

If you’re having financial problems that make it difficult for you to pay your O&R bill, we’ll work with you to come up with a payment agreement.

We’ll consider your financial circumstances and income limitations, discuss a down payment and work out a payment schedule that you can manage. The length of the agreement and the amount of each monthly payment will be decided between us.

If your financial situation changes, we can even adjust the agreement. If you qualify, installment payments may be as low as $10 per month on the past due amount, with no down payment. Plus, of course, keeping current on future bills.

Terms of Agreement

Collection Arrangements

Do you need just a little more time to pay your bill? Log in to My Account and click on “Collection Arrangement” to get an extension on your payment due date. We can only grant a collection arrangement if the amount of the bill was not previously under a payment agreement, and there hasn’t been any more than two defaulted collection arrangements in a six-month period.