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Here’s the 2 o’clock update:

Actual Restores
• Sunset Trail; and
• Cinder Court

By now, I’m certain that you’re all aware of the pending storm. Our crews will continue to work as scheduled UNLESS the weather conditions become so severe that we become unable to do so safely. If that becomes the case, I will send out an update as soon as that is determined.

As a reminder: there are still areas that have not yet been repaired. In those locations, there may be down wires, poles and tree debris that may no longer be visible as the snow accumulates. As always, our first priority is safety; our second is restoring as many customers as quickly as safely possible.

Also, I want to take a moment to thank everyone for their Mutual Aide efforts. With your assistance, we have overcome several obstacles that could have had a considerably negative impact on our efforts. Your help is sincerely appreciated.”