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Community Involvement & Support


Investing in Our Communities

We support programs, organizations and projects that enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Community Investment Program

Through the Community Investment Program, we provide grants for educational, environmental, cultural, and public safety programs. The Community Investment Program is funded by shareholders of PCL&P’s parent company, Consolidated Edison, Inc.

What Are the Guidelines
  • Must have tax-exempt status, i.e., 501(c)(3) or equivalent as defined by the Internal Revenue Code;
  • Focus is on educational, environmental, cultural and public safety programs;
  • Not substantially funded by the United Way;
  • Not substantially government funded;
  • Objectives are clearly defined and reasonably capable of being achieved;
  • Objectives and programs are consistent with the company’s Community Investment Program strategies and commitments;
  • Have an active governing board and officers.
  • Monies are to be used within a 12-month period with supporting documentation submitted. A CIC committee member will be contacting the organization for that supporting documentation and the monies must be used for the specific purpose for which the grant was approved.
  • Local chapters of national organizations must include with application their local chapter letter.
  • Applications under $500 will not be accepted.
What Doesn't Qualify
  • United Way organizations
  • Government funded organizations
  • School districts and affiliated associations
  • Municipalities with taxing authority
  • Individuals or salaries
  • An event that has already passed prior to application being reviewed by the Committee
  • Advertising
  • Administrative salaries
  • General operating expenses
  • Large capital construction projects
  • Private foundations that are themselves grant making bodies
  • School districts and municipalities with taxing authority
  • Beauty or talent contests
  • Athletic scholarships, funds or recreational activities such as leagues or teams
  • Organizations outside PCL&P’s service territory (unless justification can be demonstrated for granting an exception)
  • Parties, banquets and golf outings of any kind
  • Donations of electric or gas service
  • In kind services of any kind
  • An event that has already passed or an event that will happen within 5 to 6 weeks of the application
How Grants Are Decided

The following 24 points are considered in evaluating grant applications.

  • Does this organization have tax-exempt 501(c)(3) status or equivalent?
  • Is the organization substantially funded by the United Way?
  • Is the organization a tax-supported entity?
  • Does the organization have taxing authority?
  • Does the organization’s mission address a local need?
  • Does the organization serve the PCL&P service territory?
  • Is there a volunteer board of directors? Are the members local residents?
  • Is there evidence of support by the community?
  • Does the program/project address PCL&P’s stated areas of focus?
  • Does the program or project address a local need?
  • Is the program broad-based in its objectives and participants?
  • Does PCL&P’s contribution represent a reasonable portion of the total program cost?
  • Is the program approach creative and innovative?
  • Does the program have sufficient evaluation and follow up?
  • If a grant is awarded, how will PCL&P’s contribution be recognized/acknowledged?
  • Would O&R’s grant promote additional corporate/individual support?
Budget and Funding
  • Will less than 20% of the program cost be used for administrative expenses?
  • Will the program be self-sufficient in subsequent years?
The Application

Does the application have a:

  • Mission Statement?
  • Program Description?
  • Program History?
  • Program Benefits?
  • Specific Purpose?
  • Evaluation Plan?
How to Apply
  • All grant applications must be submitted in writing and follow the format of the most current PCL&P Community Investment Program Application form.
  • Grant applications that do not follow the required format or are incomplete will not be considered.
  • Requests for less than $500 will not be considered.
  • Completed application forms should be forwarded to the address below together with proof of tax-exempt status (i.e., IRS 501(c)(3)). Sales tax exemption will not be accepted.
  • Applications will be reviewed at the committee’s monthly meetings. Allow at least five weeks from the time of submission for a decision. Proposals for the same project will not be considered more than once in a 12-month period.
  • The committee will respond to each reviewed application with a letter either awarding or denying the grant request.

Please forward completed applications to:

Pike County Light & Power Co.
Community Investment Committee
One Blue Hill Plaza
Pearl River, NY 10965
c/o Lisa Culhane

Have questions? Please contact Linda Feger — Manager, Corporate Programs at 845-577-2545.

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