Tree Planting and Trimming

Think Before You Plant

Pike County Light & Power wants to remind you think before you plant. You shouldn't plant any trees or shrubs under utility lines. This will save you on costly pruning later on and should help protect your electric service during high winds, heavy snows, or other weather events.

20 x 20 Rule

When you are selecting trees for planting, be sure you know the growth potential of the tree species. Select trees or shrubs that will grow no more than 20 feet tall and plant them at least 20 feet away from any utility line. If you aren't sure of the height potential, ask for your local garden shop or search online for an answer.

Who Trims that Tree?

Pike County Light & Power Is responsible for trimming trees near primary lines in roadway and from pole to pole. Customers are responsible for trimming trees near their overhead service line--the line that runs from the pole to your house. However, if you have a tree limb leaning on your service line, or pulling it down, Pike will take care of it if you call and let us know.

Pike recommends you hire a qualified professional to cut down or trim vegetation near your service line. Be aware of overhead lines whenever you're doing any work outside. Look up and look out for overhead lines.