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Meter Technology

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Meters

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is a technology that allows your meter to be read remotely, safely and accurately. Special devices known as Encoder Receiver Transmitters (ERT) are installed on meters to send their readings to handheld devices that meter readers carry.

We’ve been installing AMR meters since the early 1990s. They’re fully compliant with local, state and national standards, and are widely used by other utilities throughout the country. They emit less radio frequency (RF) than other typical RF devices found in homes, including cell phones, radios, TVs, microwave ovens, cordless phones, tablets, Wi-Fi networks and baby monitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of AMR meters?

AMR meters provide greater customer convenience by allowing meter readers to take readings without having to enter homes and yards, as long as they’re in close enough proximity to the meter. It’s less intrusive to our customers, and allows for more actual reads and less estimated bills.

Will AMR interfere with TV, personal computers, or other electronic equipment?
It’s rare for AMR to interfere with the operation of any other equipment.The AMR equipment operates in a very low-power frequency band reserved especially for this purpose.
Are AMR meters the same as smart meters?
No, AMR meters don’t have the functionality to provide two-way communications the way smart meters can. Smart meters are more sophisticated than AMR meters and provide two-way communication between your home or business and the utility, allowing you to see near real-time details of your energy use. They also enable greater service reliability and allow the utility to see if you lose power during a storm. Smart meters require an automated meter infrastructure (AMI) and so are also referred to as AMI meters.
Can AMR meters be converted to full smart meter capacity?
No, the AMR meters were designed only for one-way communication and don’t contain the technology required to operate as smart meters.
Does AMR technology and equipment meet industry and Federal Standards?

Yes, AMR technology is designed to function at very low power levels and is in widespread use throughout the U.S. including areas of the PCL&P service territory. We use AMR equipment that has been tested and is compliant with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Federal Communication Commission (FCC) standards.

Does Pennsylvania approve the use of AMR meters?

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission approves all meters used by utilities, and has approved the AMR meters used by PCL&C and other utilities. New York State has among the most stringent requirements on all electric and natural gas meters.

Opt-Out Program

In 2016, PCL&P developed an AMR Opt-Out program for customers who request PCL&P not to install or, if already installed, remove an AMR meter(s) at their service address and install a non-AMR meter approved for installation by the New York Public Service Commission

If you wish to opt out of AMR metering, fill out the application that can be accessed by clicking here, and mail it to:

Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc.
Customer Accounting Department
390 West Route 59
Spring Valley, NY 10977

1. Access to Premises Applicants who opt out of AMR metering must provide reasonable access to PCL&P for meter reading and meter maintenance. If the Applicant fails to provide access for any two months in a 12-month period, the Applicant will be required to pay the monthly no access charge(s) (i.e., $25 for residential customers and $100 for commercial customers). In addition, they may be subject to service termination for non-compliance with tariff regulations.

The Applicant may do either of the following to be in compliance with tariff regulations, and to avoid being billed subsequent monthly no access charge(s) or possible service termination:

  • relocate their metering equipment to an external location at the Applicant’s sole expense; or
  • permit PCL&P to reinstall an AMR meter

2. Manual Meter Reading Fee A monthly manual meter reading fee will apply to any Applicant who:

  • refuses to allow PCL&P to install an AMR meter; or
  • requests that an AMR meter be removed

The fee is $15/month for an Applicant who receives both electric and gas service from PCL&P, or $10/month for an Applicant who receives only one service from PCL&P.

3. Meter Change-Out Fee A one-time meter change-out fee will apply for an Applicant who requests the change-out of an AMR meter. Fees are as follows:

  • $90 for an Applicant who receives both electric and gas service from PCL&P;
  • $45 for an Applicant who receives only electric service from PCL&P; or
  • $55 for an Applicant who receives only gas service from PCL&P

An Applicant that elects to switch back to AMR metering after requesting the removal of such meter will be reassessed the meter change-out fee described above.