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Get Well First

What Should I do when I’m released from the hospital?

If you’re able to pay your bill in full within the original 30-day extension period granted to you, you’re not required to do anything. However, if you’re still experiencing difficulties, contact Customer Assistance so you can set up a payment schedule.

Can’t Pay Your Bill Because You’re in the Hospital

Get Well First allows you to extend the due date on your utility bill payment during a hospital stay. That way, you can put first things first — and concentrate on restoring your good health.

Who's Eligible

If you’re a customer of ours and are hospitalized for a minimum of 10 days, you may qualify for a 30-day extension on your utility payment due date.

What if I have to stay in the hospital longer?

If you need additional time to pay your bill after the 30-day extension, please call Customer Assistance and we’ll help work out an agreement for paying your bill.

How do I apply for Get Well First?