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Gas Cost Rate

The Gas Cost Rate reflects billing adjustments approved and regulated by Pennsylvania’s regulatory commission to accommodate the changing cost of fuel.

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StatementEffective DatePDF Document
GCR/15September 1, 2015Download Statement
GCR/14September 1, 2014Download Statement
GCR/13September 1, 2013Download Statement
GCR/12September 1, 2012Download Statement
GCR/11September 1, 2011Download Statement
GCR/10September 1, 2010Download Statement
GCR/09September 1, 2009Download Statement
GCR/08September 1, 2008Download Statement
GCR/07September 1, 2007Download Statement
GCR/06September 1, 2006Download Statement
GCR/05September 1, 2005Download Statement
GCR/04September 1, 2004Download Statement
GCR/03September 1, 2003Download Statement
GCR/02September 1, 2002Download Statement
GCR/01September 1, 2001Download Statement